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Smaran Alva

Trailing behind? Flex cards are your Saviour


Flex cards are available on demand with purchase only. Use these cards if you want some room for yourself to sit back think and start over the challenge again or catch up where you got left behind in the challenge. Flex cards are paid and allow you to get some extra leverage in three ways: TIME TRAVEL, FUTURE UNLOCK and EXTRA TIME. Flex cards can be purchased from the 365 Day upload portal once the challenge starts.

Get Flex Cards


Time travel card can help you either complete a missed out upload. - or - fix a previous artwork with your evolved sense of design during the course of 365.

- Change past uploads

- Submit is missed day artwork


Future unlock is an exclusive perk which helps you unlock any future upload before anyone else. Stay ahead of the game with artworks prepared for a specific day in a season.


Missed a deadline by a few minutes/hours - add another +24hours to your time frame to upload an artwork. Love a theme and you feel you need a little more headroom to finish it? This card can help you flexify any theme card you want to work for.