Featured Artist

Kunal Gupta

The task is simple but, the challenge is big.


Do you have what it takes to design one poster every day for an entire year? Are you ready to question your creativity and push those juices to a whole new level?


The 365 Day Design challenge has been tailored for this exact purpose. One year of design hustle will entitle you for some of the best rewards that will boost you to a new dimension.

*Uploading of posters for the 365 Day Design challenge is available from 1st January 2019 onwards.


Starting January 1st 2019

Everyday you shall receive daily word of inspiration which gets combined with a unique art style + theme. Your outcome needs to be a result of the daily word of inspiration.

Get your tools and start creating an art for the day following the guidelines.

You get 72 Hours to submit your poster.

Your poster goes live on 365 wall once the 72 Hours are over.

Your entries are up for public voting. Voting goes on for 365 days

Hit the longest streak to get massive multipliers. Maintain your positions on the leaderboard for a chance at victory

If you slow down, don't worry. Catch up with the Boost Baits.

We release a list of winners from our leader board, every week and every month throughout the next 365 days and at the end of 365 days we release winner in each category with maximum number of votes.

At the end of 365 days our GRAND WINNER will be declared, who tops the leader board.


Poster size: 4209px x 5262px

Aspect Ratio: 4:5

Max resolution: 250ppi
Acceptable file formats: .jpg/.jpeg, .png

Max file size: 50 MB

Additional resources and separate Guidelines will be issued for the boost baits.


  • You are 16+ year old.
  • Participants from all geographical regions are eligible.
  • You don't need a degree in any discipline, you need to be master of your own creation.
  • What's compulsory is a creation made out of graphics, photos, 3d, sketching, paintings or all molded into one poster. Every day.
  • Participation is on individual basis only.
  • Entries must be original works of the entrant, who will be recognized as the sole artist of the said entries throughout the challenge.
  • You are not allowed to submit the same poster on multiple days.
  • Entries that infringe, breach, prejudice or violate the property, interests or rights (including but not limited to contractual rights, user rights, copyright, design rights and all other proprietary and intellectual property rights) of any third party will be disqualified. Participants shall be liable for claims by such third parties resulting from the infringement. The Organizer shall not be held responsible for any infringement.
  • If we find by any means, a participant is misusing the system or is generating false methods (such as, bots, impersonating, creating false votes) to win the contest. Such a participant will be disqualified followed by a warning

The submission of the entry has to happen on our submission portal of uni.xyz only with the format given on the website. No other mode of submissions will be accepted. In order to avoid last minute rush, plan and try uploading your entries few hours prior to the submission deadline. Check the video tutorial of how to complete the submission on the platform .