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Nillohit Barman

A bait to boost your Points on the leader board


Boost baits are paid challenges and will come up with huge rewards which can be monetary, non-monetary or with a lot of bonus streak points to give you a boost catch up with other participants in 365 Challenge.


Boost baits will be announced few days prior to its launch. These are the challenges promoted by our channel partners/sponsors, and may revolve around a brand. These challenges will have their own set of guidelines, time-lines and rewards.


Boost baits will be released at the end of every week. The submission deadlines may vary for each of these challenges. And the points for these boost baits will accumulate to the leader board once the challenge is over. Remember, don't get hooked to the boost baits to reach on top of the leader board because consistency is the key to reach on top. Even participating in all the boost baits will not bring you on top of the leader board but will give you an edge over the others for sure.

Week 1

To be released soon...


Q. In case of boost bait competitions who owns the artwork?

A. We will release separate guidelines for each of the boost bait challenges it will have its own set of term and conditions. These term and conditions will define the guidelines for each of the challenges.